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25 things that you can do to help the environment!

1. Petition your local, state and federal     government
2. Recycle
3. Turn thermostats down
4. Turn out lights
5. Recycle
6. Use less plastic, re-use plastic,
7. Use cloth bags for shopping
8. Ask your parents to buy high efficiency appliances such as:
9. Dual flush low flush toilets and
10.Energy efficient laundry and kitchen appliances  and
11. Smaller cars
12.High efficiency windows
13. Solar panels
14. Take public transportation
15. Carpool
16. Bike or walk
17. Grow trees in your yard
18. Don’t use pesticides and insecticides
19. Eat organic
20. Avoid factory farmed meat
21. Eat local
22. Eat less meat
23. Join local and National environmental organizations
24. Support development of alternative energies
​Here are some links to other great organizations involved in the fight against climate change!